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Alghero is the most characteristic tourist resort on the Riviera del Corallo (Coral Riviera).

In this nice city There are plenty of daily excursions via boat or tours to the neighbouring caves at Capo Caccia and other local beauty spots. With some steps, you'll be enjoied to stimate the the really nice harbour with his features boats and the value of the historic town with wonderful boutiques including the famous red coral jewellery stores and clothes stores, All in typical Italian style. you should be interested that there is a good bus network to the major cities and towns on the island. 

The perennially mild climate, the transparency and extraordinary colours of the sea and the fragrant aroma of the Mediterranean maquis combine to ensure that you enjoy a pleasant, carefree break.
This sports-lovers’ paradise offers everything from fishing, swimming and sub-aqua diving to windsurfing, sailing, tennis and horseriding. Moreover, Alghero is an uncontaminated oasis for underwater photography and archaeology, and all visitors to the island should find the time to go on an excursion to the surrounding area, which is rich in pre-historic ruins, nuraghi (truncated towers) and domus de janas (tombs).

The Nuraghi at Palmavera

A visit to this site allows you to explore the most important remnants of Sardinia’s Nuragic culture. The complex is constituted by an ancient tower (keep), to which a bastion was later added. The bastion encloses a secondary tower (with four arrow slits), an outdoor courtyard providing access to the upper floors and a corridor with alcoves.


Neptune's caves

Over the course of millennia, karstic geological processes have carved numerous caves out of the Jurassic and Cretaceous limestone of the cliffs of Capo Caccia. These hollowed-out chambers, bona fide miracles of nature, are covered with fantastic concretions. The most famous of the caves – and, indeed, the only ones open to the public – are the so-called ‘Caves of Neptune’ (Grotte di Nettuno), which are a magnet for thousands upon thousands of visitors each year. Close by, there is the celebrated Grotta Verde (‘Green Cave’), which gave its name to an entire Neolithic culture, as well as the Grotta dei Pizzi e Ricami, the Grotta di Nereo, the Grotta Gea and many more besides – all breathtakingly beautiful, but all off-limits to everyone except speleologists.

The Porto Conte Nature Reserve

Located to the north of the city of Alghero, this nature reserve was lauded by the great Jacques Cousteau as "one of the most delightful spots in the Mediterranean". The reserve extends across 5350 hectares, including 60 km of coastline, stretching from Calich to Lake Baraz and, in the process, providing the perfect showcase for landscapes and seascapes that are utterly unrivalled in Europe.